Benefits Vertical Gardens

The first great benefit of vertical gardens is undoubtedly its aesthetic contribution.
The environment changes drastically when totally or partially covering a wall or façade.
But beyond this plant walls offer a great many advantages:

1. Energy saving:

A vertical garden forms an insulating air layer between the wall and the garden itself, due to the fact that it is separated from the wall. This air layer reduces sharp temperature changes between night and day. The result being a considerable decrease in energy consumption required for heating your home in winter and cooling it in summer. A plant wall can reduce its wall temperature up to 10º.

2. Protection of building structure

This is related to the above, since the decrease in sharp temperature changes also reduce, to a great extent, the contraction and expansion of the building material forming the wall. Besides the quantity of rain water touching the building wall is reduced to almost a minimum.

3. Air purification:

As we all very well know the photosynthesis process makes plants absorb CO2 and release Oxygen into the atmosphere. Also, plants are capable of absorbing about 300 volatile organic compounds (VOC).

4. Sound insulation:

Vertical gardens supply a barrier in acoustic insulation, considerably reducing the amount of noise and vibrations perceived in buildings with garden walls.

5. Encouraging environmental awareness:

Installing vertical gardens in our cities is a perfect tool to raise public environmental awareness.

Vertical Nature fills your walls with nature.