Specialists in Vertical Gardens

Passion for gardening.

Vertical Nature is the result of our passion for plants, the culmination of multiple technical efforts and that of a long research process in vertical gardening.

In Vertical Nature we are aware of the qualitative contribution of plants and also how they can change dry and dull places into cosy, habitable environments, full of life and freshness.

Vertical Nature is a pioneer company in vertical gardening in Malaga. Our basic range covers the Costa del Sol and Malaga although we also go where our consulting, budgeting, executing and vertical garden maintenance services are required.

Muros vegetales a medida.

Our technicians have a wide experience in designing, creating and keeping gardens on the Costa del Sol.

They are professional connoisseurs of the characteristics of the area, its climate as well as the plant species. We can create any type of vertical garden, both interior and exterior, plant screens, vertical orchards and seasonal flower walls. We will create the plant wall that best matches your needs and preference.

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We work with professionals.

Vertical gardens can work together with architect studios and interior designers so as to carry out your ideas of vertical gardening in a most clear, efficient and satisfactory way.

Our vertical gardens will enable you to conceive a new dimension for walls, façades as well as your terrace, garden, yard or lounge walls.

Vertical Nature fills your walls with nature.